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Travelling to other cities and countries around the world can be an incredible way to spend a vacation, but challenges sometimes arise due to the difference in roads, lodging, and other cultures in each location. This is where the Tripwolf Android app comes in handy. The innovative travel guide comes with over 600 destinations and their various accommodations, so it becomes much easier to plan a trip and prepare for sites and attractions ahead of time. What’s more is that the app will work offline with maps and locations, so planning and scheduling can be done even without an internet connection.

App Features

The main aspect of Tripwolf for Android is its collection of hundreds of comprehensive travel guides for different locations. These guides are available with a one hour preview and give the user some valuable insight regarding how to make the most out of a trip to the city or cities they are visiting. There is also a customizable trip planner that lets anyone draw out an ultimate route around their destination, and special locations can be created in order to dedicate the central spot around which all other attractions will be nearby. The app uses gathered data from all across the globe to highlight the most popular locations that the traveler can visit.

Tripwolf is available in five different languages to add convenience to its user-friendly format. In addition, the app offers clear navigation that can redirect a traveler who may get lost while walking or driving around an unfamiliar city. This is due to the preloaded maps that come standard on the app. The best part is that all maps work offline, as they are downloaded along with the the application itself. There are plenty of locations that will not readily provide a good mobile signal or connection to the internet, so the app’s offline performance is a major plus. Tripwolf also can point the user to important services that are close by, so finding a gas station or ATM is quite simple.

Booking and Tickets

Big attractions and tours in other cities will sometimes require advanced booking or purchasing of tickets. Tripwolf offers these services directly through the app so there will be no need to find tickets elsewhere. The all-inclusive feature allows the user to go solo or find a group to join through its travel guides and will arrange all ticket purchases and booking very easily. This app comes a sync function, so all booked tours and purchased tickets to events will be available through multiple mobile devices. This multi-platform features also works for planned trips and the travel guides themselves.

User Feedback

One interesting characteristic about Tripwolf is that it works with an extra social network aspect thrown into the mix. Users who travel to cities and stay at certain hotels are free to share their experiences through the app, as well as posting real pictures of their rooms and accommodations. This transparent approach helps the traveler to make an informed decision about where to stay and what to do ahead of time. Tripwolf offers user support via e-mail regarding any questions about in-app purchases, maps, and other features.


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