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With the growing advancements in how we listen to our music, it has strangely become more difficult to receive the classic AM and FM radio stations on a clear signal through a mobile device. Simple Radio by Streema has been released to address this issue and offer the user convenient access to their favorite radio all through a simple and high-quality platform. The app’s goal is to make listening to radio-based hit songs and other music as easy as possible without the complicated obstacles that sometimes interfere with phones and tablets. This app currently has over five millions downloads, so it is proving itself to be a top-notch source for web and mobile radio solutions.

App Features

At the present time, the Simple Radio by Streema Android app has over 30,000 radio stations that the user can choose. They are on both AM and FM bands with channels available from all over the world. This makes it easy to find and listen to a local favorite, or discover amazing new music from other cities and countries. Additionally, the app adds in a classic of radio tuners that make it easy to switch between channels and eliminate the complexity of other more modern formats. This combination of mobile radio and vintage operation makes Simple Radio by Streema a unique and exciting app to use.

The user interface itself is stripped down and simplified as much as possible. This takes out all of the unnecessary steps between opening the app and listening to a radio station. Simple Radio by Streema keeps track of the user’s favorite stations and features them at the home screen of the app, giving access to the most loved channels with one tap. The app’s convenience makes it a valuable addition to listening to music at home, at work, or while travelling. Being in a new city can pose a challenge when trying to find favorite music, but the app makes finding any genre simple and eliminates the searching for the right tunes.

Buffering and Streaming

Simple Radio by Streema has used its experience in offering millions of listeners a high-quality service to fine-tune the availability and reliability of all radio stations it offers. Each channel comes in loud and clear, with no interruptions in the streaming consistency and no buffering. The format is incredibly stable and makes the radio streaming service unbeatable when compared to other ways of listening. This can be attributed to the app’s optimized format that takes out unneeded extra stuff and gives the user pure, unadulterated radio.

User Feedback

Even with the current version of this app being as great as it is, Streema always considers the radio a streaming a work in progress and is constantly working to improve and update the app. Users will find that the app will be regularly updated based on feedback and quality, with the newest version always ready for immediate download. The app has an e-mail address for communication with the developers if the user happens to have any questions or comments about Simple Radio by Streema and its content. Other information about Streema and its services can be seen by visiting the company website.


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