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Polarr Photo Editor
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Mobile phones and tablets often come with photo editing software that can manipulate pictures taken with the devices, but these features are limited and have only a few uses. The Polarr Photo Editor gives the user an extra selection of creative ways with which to personalize pictures and make each one a work of art. This highly-rated app has thousands of downloads and is instantly available for Android devices. When using the app, each user will find plenty of templates, filters, and different tools to customize a picture and have the ability to add it to a shared collection of images from the community.

App Features

First and foremost, the Polarr Photo Editor Android app has a variety of tools and brushes that are widely used by professional photography groups. These special features allow the user to touch up and edit the picture while keeping its organic appearance in place. Each user has the ability to use preloaded filters over the pictures, or a custom filter can be created and used. Filters can be shared and rated in the app, so users will benefit greatly from each other’s creativity. The toolbars and work area within the app can be personalized for ease of use, and bulk actions can be applied to a batch of pictures for easy editing in a short amount of time.

Additional tools in the app mimic filters and lens shapes that would be applied to the camera itself, as well as other fascinating editing options. The color of a picture can be changed in four different parameters that include tint, saturation, and vibrancy. An image’s sharpness and clarity can also be changed using detailing features to give the image different qualities of perspective. In addition, there are dozens of custom effects that can be added to each picture with amazing presets. The user always has the ability to tweak every preset and polish up a photo the way they want.

Updates and Enhancements

Polarr Photo Editor for Android devices is constantly being updated and improved to meet the needs of its users. The app now has a tool for automatically enhancing pictures using a predetermined selection of presets, instead of the user going in and manually adjusting each attribute. However, the picture can always be finely tuned afterwards if the user would like to make any type of alteration. Parameters are shown and can be changed according to preference. The app has more additions and updates that are scheduled to be rolled out on a frequent basis.

User Feedback

The app has an e-mail support contact for users who would like help with tools and editing, or is anyone has has general questions or comments about Polarr Photo Editor. The developer also has a physical mailing address for other types of correspondence. Users are able to share feedback and ideas with each other through the social setting of the app’s format, so there is always open communication about the features and any improvements that can be made. The community of creative photographers combined with a variety of features makes Polarr Photo Editor an ever-improving app that is definitely geared toward user-friendliness.

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