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In any course at school as well as every job and profession, the need for mental performance is always a priority in order to retain information and work as efficiently as possible. The Peak Brain Training app for Android is a great tool to keep handy for mental training, because it offers challenging and fun games that work on the strengths of learning, memory, and decision-making skills. Each game was specifically developed using neuroscience research and new games are always being added to the app’s collection. Users can expect exciting features and challenges that offer rewards upon completion.

App Features

Peak Brain Training currently has over 30 games that the user can select to work on an area of mental performance. The games mainly revolve around memory, focus, and agility along with more specialized selections that help with language skills and problem solving. The difficulty of each game adapts to how the users performs, and its dynamic process keeps things challenging so the brain doesn’t hit a learning plateau. Each daily exercise can be personalized for the user’s particular needs, and the app tracks performance with results offered in easy-to-read graphs and charts. All data can be generalized or based on the category of the game, as well as including insight regarding the user’s progress.

Much like physical exercise can be enhanced with a personal trainer, Peak Brain Training allows the user to set personal goals or objective for every day of the week. This makes the app a customizable trainer for everything related to mental performance. Statistics and results are available at any time so the user knows what areas need special attention. The motivational factor of the games offers a collection of rewards for finishing challenges and meeting goals. Instead of relying on crossword puzzles and other games all the time, Peak Brain Training offers notable variety through its creative and exciting gaming formats.

Backed by Science

Not only is Peak Brain Training a fun way to stay mentally sharp, it also comes with the backing of actual neuroscientists who have devoted time and effort in making sure every game is optimized for educational use. The board of advisors behind this app’s game creation include renowned professors from the University of Cambridge as well as Yale School of Medicine. This app’s scientific approach to mental performance has gained praise from major media outlets, as well as plenty of positive feedback from the community of users who enjoy it every day.

User Feedback

The developers behind Peak Brain Training Android app have a website that can be visited for additional information about the games and features. Users can also contact the developers by e-mail for any inquiries regarding the app and questions about services. Peak Brain Training is updated on a regular basis, which includes the constant addition of new languages that are available. The app has a dedicated Facebook page and Twitter account so users can get together and talk about the various features, giving it a strong social media presence and great platform for discussion

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