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Tripwolf App Review

Travelling to other cities and countries around the world can be an incredible way to spend a vacation, but challenges sometimes arise due to the difference in roads, lodging, and other cultures in each location. This is where the Tripwolf Android app comes in handy. The innovative travel guide comes with over 600 destinations and... Read More »

Simple Radio by Streema App Review

With the growing advancements in how we listen to our music, it has strangely become more difficult to receive the classic AM and FM radio stations on a clear signal through a mobile device. Simple Radio by Streema has been released to address this issue and offer the user convenient access to their favorite radio... Read More »

Polarr Photo Editor App Review

Mobile phones and tablets often come with photo editing software that can manipulate pictures taken with the devices, but these features are limited and have only a few uses. The Polarr Photo Editor gives the user an extra selection of creative ways with which to personalize pictures and make each one a work of art.... Read More »

Peak Brain Training App Review

In any course at school as well as every job and profession, the need for mental performance is always a priority in order to retain information and work as efficiently as possible. The Peak Brain Training app for Android is a great tool to keep handy for mental training, because it offers challenging and fun... Read More »