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7 Little Words – Daily Puzzles

7 Little Words

7 little words application has been developed for lovers of puzzles. The new application is amazing and compatible with a variety of devices. The game is nothing like any puzzle before. It is available in Google and already thousands have fallen in love with it. It keeps the mind alert and is enjoyable. More so, it requires the person to think critically to fill in words with the clues provided by the game.

How to Play 7 Little Words

Daily, the game entitles the player to free puzzle for filling. The puzzle includes clues provided to the player and the number of words required to fill in the question. At the bottom of the various available words and characters to select from, is an option to shuffle for better options to fill. Every dashboard, in this case, referred to as a bite in 7 little words, has 7 clues. Besides, there are 7 mystery words and 20 letter groups.


Winning is by using the 7 clues given, the 7 mystery words available and the 20 group of letters provided to get the words. The words are the mystery, and it is up to the player to discover the magic and come with the number of letters required. The game is not boring because unless one critically thinks, it is not easy to make the clues outsource a mystery word. They good thing with 7 little words is that it is easy to understand and learn.


7 Little Words app is original and very attention seeking. Playing it requires concentration because it’s interplay of words. It is informative and makes the brain develop more. More so, it is a game with a given meaning unlike others that one plays to kill time. The game will require attention which makes it original and none like ever played before.

7little Words for Starters

Any person new to the game will enjoy. It’s perfect especially for young people looking to get more information. At first, the player is provided with 50 free puzzles. Those who manage to challenge the 7 little words mystery can purchase more puzzles available with the application. The game already has thousands of download and a 5-star rating. It is also cheap to buy the extra puzzle game after winning the 50 free ones. The application size, however, varies with the device of download.


The application is compatible with many devices and before download; it will indicate whether the device in use is compatible. 7 little words are more fun especially with the fact that there are no annoying sounds produced when playing.


Xbox 360 Gaming

While our main focus is Xbox Console Gaming, we’ve also been playing Hearthstone quite a bit lately.

XBOX Games: Information and Reviews

Thank you for visiting The games featured here are the best casino games for Xbox 360 and will be reviewed regularly so that players will be able to find and play new casino gaming based on relevant information and ratings. Xbox 360 remains an incredible console that has drawn in millions of players all over the world, and when combined with casino games it creates an experience for slots, poker, and more that players can get without having to leave the house. As Xbox 360 and casino gaming fans ourselves, there is a shared passion for all of the featured titles that leads to thoughtful reviews and informed feedback.

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Types of Xbox 360 Casino Games

Much like going to a casino in real life, players who are interested in Xbox 360 casino games will be able to find just about every style of popular game that exists. There are numerous titles that feature Texas Hold’em poker in all of its glory, complete with betting options and interactive elements that let the player compete with others. While this is one of the more popular gaming styles available for Xbox 360, there are plenty of additional choices available. Xbox 360 players can find video slots, blackjack, table games, and more through the console’s game library. This makes it easy to find something that is perfect for a casino experience right at home from the couch.

How to Play Casino Games for Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 casino games that are available can be purchased from a retailer or downloaded through the Xbox Store. Some casino game titles are even available for free, so the player has plenty of options in finding something new. Certain games focus on a single style of casino entertainment, while others may be an entire virtual casino all in one game. Players are encouraged visit to get the details on everything the best casino games for Xbox 360 will include.

As far as actually knowing how to play the casino games for Xbox 360, almost all popular casino titles follow the same universal rules of play that are followed at land-based casinos. This means that any experienced player will have no problem starting up a new game and jumping into the  action right away. Fortunately, these casino games are all-inclusive and typically provide instructions and payout information for newer players who are green to the casino scene.

Casino Game Reviews for Xbox 360 by Real Fans 

The creators of this site and its reviewers are all big fans of the Xbox 360 console, as well as casino games in every form. This type of passion for exciting gaming will lead to thorough reviews of various games, including the good and sometimes the not-so-good. Our goal is to be balanced and detailed in how the reviews come across, so it will reflect the entire experience that a player will get from any Xbox 360 casino game. The community of Xbox 360 gamers is a big part of what makes these games and reviews possible, so the comments and experiences from other players are taken into consideration for a comprehensive guide to Xbox 360 casino gaming.

The Best Xbox 360 Casino Games strives to keep all players updated on the best and most popular casino games for Xbox 360. Therefore, the site will constantly be updated with new reviews and ratings for titles that have not yet been included. If you feel that an amazing title is missing from the site, please feel free to contact us and let us know your thoughts on what game absolutely has to be reviewed. We look forward to hearing from our fellow gamers!

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft


More of a battle in your own mind, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is quite possibly one of the most colorful online games of good against negative forces.

It’s a digital strategy card game for modern players. There are nine heroes to choose from, but you have to make a selection carefully as your powers could be used by another, and you can also take some of the power away from others online. It’s not a game that you have to focus on 24 hours a day. You can play your move, seeing what others have done with their characters, and come back later in the day or the next day to perform another action.

Each deck can be customized based on the look that you want for the character and the way that you want the cards to appear in the game. There are spells that you can cast on other players, some that are more severe than others, causing them to lose a majority of their power. Beware as the actions that you give to other players can come back on you when they have their powers full once again.

You have to think multiple steps ahead during the game. What you might think is good at the moment might end up costing you a life later down the road. You can use various weapons with your character. Some of the weapons are easy to find while others need to be purchased or taken from other players. There are also weapons that are hidden in the game and are discovered once you perform certain tasks or collect a certain achievement in the game.

The game does have a friendly design, but some of the characters could be updated as they look like they are from a cartoon instead of the traditional online game. However, it is free to play, so this should be expected in some regards. Although it’s not too complex, it has the potential to pit player against player, especially if you think you can outmaneuver someone who is several levels ahead of you. It takes time to increase in rankings, but once you do, you have the privilege of joining the elite forces that seem to take over the world. There is a bit of nostalgia in the game as it takes some of the concepts from other online games of a similar fashion that have been discontinued.

For those who enjoy playing Magic, then this would be right up your ally as it’s a similar concept. Instead of the land aspect, you have a character aspect that you have to build toward so that you don’t fall in your empire. One of the easiest ways to advance is to get a run of cards where you can draw seven at a time.

Another recent favorite is this one too:

Jackpot Party Casino App

Players who prefer the combination of an exciting casino with the convenience of mobile will find a match in the Jackpot Party Casino app for Android devices. The mobile casino provides the excitement and rewards of Vegas without having to leave home. Available on both phones and tablets, the app features high-quality slots and other casino games with special mini games and bonuses built right into each title. In addition, players who love Jackpot Party Casino can share gifts and rewards with each other through the app’s innovative social media link. This mobile casino is constantly updated to improve the performance and can always be downloaded for free.

App Features

Jackpot Party Casino for Android comes in a vibrant design full of colors and animations, similar to what the player would expect going to a real-life establishment in Vegas. However, the layout of the app is quite simple in its format, making it easy for players to navigate the selection and find the games they want to try. A prominent feature on the app is the collection of slots. Each slot game has its own unique theme and comes with multiple betting options before spinning the reels. Players will also be able to find helpful tips and payline values in the instructions provided with the slots. The games are optimized so that they will work well with the touchscreen platform featured on most mobile devices.

Slots at Jackpot Party Casino are further complemented by other playing styles. Not only can a player enjoy solo fun on any of the slot games, but the app frequently hosts multi-player tournaments that anyone can join. These tournament feature competitive style of play against friends and other people around the world, with the winners receiving prizes and free coins to be used on the app. Some slots even link up to progressive jackpots. The more that players go for a jackpot, the more it increases in value. With the millions of players at Jackpot Party Casino, the jackpots grow fast and are worth a considerable amount.

Bonus Highlights

No casino is complete without bonuses and promotions, and Jackpot Party Casino follows suit with great rewards of its own. Player who sign up will automatically be entitled to bonus coins that can be used on any of the gaming content without limitations. Furthermore, all current players can receive free coins as a bonus every four hours just for being logged into the app. As far as the games go, basically every title has its own bonuses available either through mini games or free spins. A more social element of the bonus system is the gift exchange, where the player can send free coins or other unique rewards to friends.

Player Interaction

Because Jackpot Party Casino for Android was designed for mobile devices in the age of social media, it puts a major emphasis on player interaction with the app as well as other player across the globe. The player has the ability to link the app with their Facebook account, earning exclusive rewards and free coins in the process. This mobile casino’s Facebook presence also has led it to have a dedicated page, where players can follow to get news and updates firsthand. Jackpot Party Casino has a support e-mail for any inquires and comments. The app does feature in-game purchases, but it can be played for free whether or not the player makes a transaction.